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The earliest I can remember holding a camera was in the eighth grade before the digital age took over. My first camera was a Nikon N65 film camera, which was a little overwhelming for me to say the least. I remember when I took my first photo; it became something that instantaneously captivated me. Photography took me a lot of practice, hours of time, and expensive rolls of film to make me realize that this is what I’m truly passionate about. What I love about photography is the fact that I get to use my creativity and bring to life photos I create through my own unique art style. To be able to capture imagery that no one else can capture. To allow my imagination to roam free through the body of my camera. To communicate to the world the way I see it.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to shoot for local magazines within Boston, weddings, events, as well as concerts. I have worked with amazing talent such as Jasmine Solano, Lisa Bello, Louie Bello, local Boston designers and various actors/actresses all over the US and beyond. My photography is really about giving everyone something to think about in terms of art as well as providing imagery that only I can capture.

My name is Steve Osemwenkhae and photography is my passion!