Back on track....

It time to get back on track! It has been a while and its time I start back on this blog and update you all on my journey through the lens. My life has been crazy with issues outside of photography but I'm back fully committed now then ever before.

Here are some test shots from my small make shift studio in my house. I used my Nikon, but of course, with a standard lens and two two strobes. I used the timer on my camera and set it for 6 seconds. My two strobes were set up with a softbox and an umbrella. Practice makes perfect people!

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
— Maya Angelou


The Bad News: We’re sorry to report that your project, No MakeUp Series Photo Book, didn’t meet its funding goal. It’s a bummer. We know how much hard work goes into running a project.

The Good News: You can always relaunch. Many creators find success the second time around, after they’ve thought through new ways of framing or presenting their idea. Sometimes it’s as simple as rethinking your funding goal. -Kickstarter

The Best News: I am determined to make it happen and will not give up! So expect the kickstarter to be relaunched again! This journey is no longer my own as it now belongs to the people that have helped me, the models, and the people that will help contribute to this dream.


After much work and people beating me down to make my no makeup series into a book, I am glad to say that my kickstarter is active and running ( I believe that natural beauty should be celebrated and shared. This project would not have come together without the help of the ladies that participated as well as my friends who helped me score the music as well as helped me prepare the content.