The Bad News: We’re sorry to report that your project, No MakeUp Series Photo Book, didn’t meet its funding goal. It’s a bummer. We know how much hard work goes into running a project.

The Good News: You can always relaunch. Many creators find success the second time around, after they’ve thought through new ways of framing or presenting their idea. Sometimes it’s as simple as rethinking your funding goal. -Kickstarter

The Best News: I am determined to make it happen and will not give up! So expect the kickstarter to be relaunched again! This journey is no longer my own as it now belongs to the people that have helped me, the models, and the people that will help contribute to this dream.


After much work and people beating me down to make my no makeup series into a book, I am glad to say that my kickstarter is active and running ( I believe that natural beauty should be celebrated and shared. This project would not have come together without the help of the ladies that participated as well as my friends who helped me score the music as well as helped me prepare the content. 



I sent an email to a publisher/photographer/CEO to see the possibility of an internship or even studying under him to learn more and take my photography to the next level. Though his reply was, to me, unprofessional; I took that as a lesson. One, I still need to learn to take criticism regardless  of how harsh it may be. Two, there are some things I can still learn when it comes to photography, light techniques, and composition. Lastly, he fueled a fox that was already hungry for success. Always driven & now even more ‪#‎motivated‬!‪#‎photography‬

 A CEO's respondence to me about helping him in future shoots as an assistant 

A CEO's respondence to me about helping him in future shoots as an assistant 


The gallery showcase I had was a success. I didn’t sell any pieces but I donated one of my pieces for auction in order to assist with funding for Boston Strong in order to help those affected from the Boston marathon incident.

I watched this documentary that someone posted in regards to how we as people never live in the moment anymore with how everyone has to now take a picture. Pictures help savor those memories and in that aspect I understand, but to be able to take a step back and breath in, look, and just experience everything around you is so much more important. Everything evolves with time and it seems that with such access to dslr and other cameras, photography is going to change. Not sure if it will be for the better or worse. Only time will tell what changes await the now saturated field of photography.

 Artwork Showcased at the Piano Gallery on Mass. Ave

Artwork Showcased at the Piano Gallery on Mass. Ave


I really wanted to do something with the American flag for a photo shoot and I told myself why not get others involved. I want to create something and have others share in my vision. Julian Suarez, local stylist, helped create the look. Natalie Kurpeski helped with makeup for models Diana Z and Christopher Scott. It was all filmed by Cisco Santiago and edited by yours truly. I want my brand not only focused on my work but also the work of others. I am a big supporter of people that have dreams they want to fulfill and if we can all help each other, we have limitless possibilities.

 Diana Z modeling by the Charles River

Diana Z modeling by the Charles River