I really wanted to do something with the American flag for a photo shoot and I told myself why not get others involved. I want to create something and have others share in my vision. Julian Suarez, local stylist, helped create the look. Natalie Kurpeski helped with makeup for models Diana Z and Christopher Scott. It was all filmed by Cisco Santiago and edited by yours truly. I want my brand not only focused on my work but also the work of others. I am a big supporter of people that have dreams they want to fulfill and if we can all help each other, we have limitless possibilities.

Diana Z modeling by the Charles River

Diana Z modeling by the Charles River


I wanted to do a shoot where a model would rock a custom made bike and boom, Lauren Elise Sinclair volunteered to help me out in which I was grateful for. Her energy was superb and the photos were exactly what I was looking for. 

Camer used was Nikon D7000 with different lenses as well as a battery pack for my light kit and umbrella.